[eggheads-patches] PATCH for 1.6: Fix lastbind variable

thommey thommey at laxin.de
Sun May 29 06:22:36 CST 2005


while testing around with newest eggdrop cvs (1.6.18), "bUrN" detected, that
the global tcl-variable 'lastbind' is not set correctly anymore. That occurs
as of the newest cvs. I wrote a patch to correct that. In fact the new
tclhash.c code doesnt set lastbind on stackable binds at all; and on
unstackable binds, it sets it after calling the tcl bind. The patch adds
lastbind-set to stackable binds, and sets lastbind before calling
unstackable binds.

Patch is attached.

Thomas "thommey" Sader
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