[eggheads-patches] notes2.tcl list handling

Philip Richardson ppslim at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 26 03:51:54 CST 2003

Hello Patches,

  Here is a patch that should cover the malhandling of strings/lists.

  All strings now split in the proper places, and joined when
  required (after a "lrange").

  I don't use notes2, so I am unable to test this patch. However, I
  have checked over, and there is very little to misspell, and no
  brackets are out of place.

  Takada, you may want to test it though.

  Additionally, credit to the people who find the bugs. This isn't
  being given, and hasn't been on my last two patches (I had noted who
  found them). This may well be the case for many of the other patches
  on the tree.

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