[eggheads-patches] 1.6cvs: unrealircd +q/+a in who parsing

BarkerJr barkerjr at tangled.biz
Sun Feb 23 22:09:02 CST 2003

As per the Changes file in Unreal 3.1.5:

    Added prefixes for channel owner/protected to
    /who and /whois (& and ~). They probably should never
    have been removed. Still to be implemented
    are actual prefixes in /names.

So, that said, here's the actual test data:

[10:30:48pm] <dolphin>  TheBot    TheBot     ---  A 17m  Registered at Bots.Own.us
[10:30:48pm] <dolphin>     (pending +o -- I'm lagged)

[10:31:10pm] <dolphin> [22:31:12] [@] SunCity.SandNET.NET 352 dolphin #eggdrop
Registered Bots.Own.us services.sandnet.net TheBot H& :3 Remember to Register!
[10:31:09pm] <dolphin> [22:31:12] [@] SunCity.SandNET.NET 352 dolphin #eggdrop
~BarkerJr ircop.sandnet.net Harbour.SandNET.NET BarkerJr Hr*~ :3 BarkerJr

Note the & or ~ in the flags, not @, because TheBot is protected (+a) and I am
owner (+q)

So, this patch makes the bot treat ~ and & as op.
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