[eggheads-patches] alltools.tcl+ordnumber.patch

Graeme Donaldson (www.eggdrop.za.net) webmonster at eggdrop.za.net
Mon Nov 4 11:07:01 CST 2002

Hey guys

I've added a proc to alltools.tcl called "ordnumber".  It takes a string
and, if the string is a number, returns the "ordinal" form of the number,
e.g. "1" -> "1st", "13" -> "13th", etc. If the string passed to it is not a
number, then it just returns the string unmodified.  The patch was made
against the eggdrop1.6.12 source tarball.

See patch file attached: alltools.tcl+ordnumber.patch


Graeme Donaldson
IRC: Souperman @ #eggdrop @ Undernet
webmonster at eggdrop.za.net

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