[eggheads-patches] PATCH1.6: handlen-friendly.patch

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Wed Jul 3 06:40:04 CST 2002


This patch removes 'spaces' and 'spaces2' variables and uses slightly
different approach when formatting output of .dccstat, .who, .whois,
.match, .channel commands, making them more nice looking when bot is
compiled with big HANDLEN.

It uses temporary buffer for format string. Better approach would be
to use %* in printf, but I guess it's less portable.

There are also 'spaces' and 'spaces2' variable left in transfer module
but it uses localized format strings, so this method won't work.

Patch was made against latest 1.6 CVS. I guess this patch should apply
to 1.7 as well but I can't test it at the moment.


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