[eggheads-patches] 1.7: linked_list patch

Christian Birkl wingman at techmonkeys.org
Sun Apr 28 17:34:01 CST 2002


   * commented linked_list[_test].[c|h]
   * added an char * example
   * added a for (start; current; end) macro for easier cyclying through a
   * broke up some lines > 80 chars
   * renamed linked_list_[cursor_]create to linked_list_[cursor_]new to
     eggdrop naming "style" (see eggdrop_t_new() <-> eggdrop_t_delete())
   * fixed a segfault with linked_list_cursor_find and new cursors
   * added shortcut for delete w/o direct usage of cursors


Christian Birkl <wingman at techmonkeys dot org>
PGP: 8501 0D03 CFC9 3BFA 3E76  8DA5 8010 4C2A 8571 0E4A  KeyID: 0x85710E4A
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