[eggheads-patches] PATCH1.7: eggdrop1.7-memory-bloat-merged.diff.gz

Tothwolf tothwolf at concentric.net
Wed Oct 10 05:40:01 CST 2001

This is a list of changes in eggdrop1.7-memory-bloat-merged.diff.
I think all the major changes are listed here, but I might have
forgotten to list something.

all expmem functions and support removed
all memory status/debugging code removed
all #ifdef DEBUG_MEM code removed

nmalloc macro/n_malloc function removed, use malloc() now
mod_malloc function removed
my_strdup function removed, use malloc_strcpy macro now
channel_malloc removed, use malloc_memset macro now
n_malloc_null function removed, use malloc_memset macro now
user_malloc macro/_user_malloc function removed, use malloc() now

nrealloc macro/n_realloc function removed, use realloc() now
mod_realloc function removed

nfree macro/n_free function removed, use free() now
mod_free function removed
my_free macro removed, use free_null macro now
Tcl_Free compat macro now uses free() instead of removed n_free function

malloc->strcpy now uses malloc_strcpy macro
free(ptr);ptr=NULL; now uses free_null macro
malloc->bzero now uses malloc_memset macro
get_data_ptr macro/_get_data_ptr function removed, use malloc_memset macro now

compat memcpy removed
compat memset removed
egg_memcpy/my_memcpy misuse/mess changed to memcpy
egg_bzero/bzero macro removed, use memset() now

many uninitialized pointers now default to NULL

match.c is now compiled on it's own instead of being included into tclhash.c
match.c cleanup, removed broken/incomplete ircII compat code
wild_match macro removed, _wild_match function renamed to wild_match
wild_match_per function no longer declared static
added prototypes for wild_match and wild_match_per functions

Major function/macro changes:
  nmalloc -> malloc()
  nrealloc -> realloc()
  nfree -> free()

Bugs found and fixed during audit:
  buffer overflow in adduser()

Bugs fixed when code was removed:
  typo in filedb3.c: EBUG_MEM -> DEBUG_MEM
  extra egg_bzero call from filesys.c

Removed files:

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