[eggheads-patches] 1.6: wildctcp1.6.patch

BarkerJr barkerjr at clancdg.com
Mon Aug 27 15:00:02 CST 2001

Description: Allows ctcp/ctcr binds to include wildcards.  i.e bind ctcp - * ctcp:all.

Reason: There have been requests for this kind of bind.  It's needed for relay scripts
that wish to relay ctcp and for flood protection scripts.  As we all know, mIRC responds
to mixed case CTCP, and CTCP binds currently do not.  It is therefore, essential for
scripts to be able to capture all CTCPs.

Note: This is the exact ctcp coding in 1.7cvs for CTCP binds.  It was tested on 1.6.6, for
I do not run a 1.6cvs, but src/mod/server.mod/servmsg.c has not changed in the cvs since

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