[eggheads-patches] egg1.7-multilevel_sharing-20010808.patch

TaKeDa takeda at chore.swiaty.pl
Wed Aug 8 14:25:00 CST 2001


This patch adds additional settings in configuration:
# when sharing user lists, which channel flags changes from other bots
# should be ignored?
#set private-chanflags "mn"

# [0/1] When you have multilevel botnet, this option permits hub, to make changes,
# even when private-global, private-chanflags and/or private-user are set.
# NOTE: this option doesn't permit hub to force flags filtered by
# private-globals
#set permit-hub 1

new flag (+r) for users/bots:
    r  (protected) is working similar like u flag, but changes can be made only
                   from bot that is aggressively sharing with us (Hub).
                   User cannot be changed by bot that is connected below this bot.
                   (This flag can be useful in multilevel sharing)

and new TCL command:
  noshare <command> [<arg1> <arg2> ...]
    executes command with setting noshare = 1 in code,
    that means, if you i.e. do chattr using this command,
    bot will make changes on his userlist, but won't send changes
    to other bots. This is useful in some situations.
    returns: whatever is returned by <command>

Previous version of this patch was rejected in 1.6, because is stable version, I
hope it won't be rejected in 1.7 (I use it in mine botnet and is useful)

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