Eggheads: Eggdrop v1.9.0 Release Candidates!

Geo Van O geo at
Tue Mar 2 03:53:12 UTC 2021

Greetings Eggheads,

So, we got a little distracted and neglected to email the last two 
release notifications to you- but don't worry, we still love you! Please 
consider this your official notification of the Eggdrop v1.9.0 release 
candidates 1 through 3! Here is a quick summary of what you missed:

The major changes in the release include:

     - CAP support, with native support for some IRCv3 features
     - SASL authentication support
     - A Twitch module
     - Away-status tracking
     - PBKDF2 hashing for password storage in the userfile (Make sure 
you read the docs for this one, or you may break your userfile!)
     - A new ident module with oidentd support
     - The listen command now takes an optional IP; allowing you to 
listen on multiple IPs at the same time
     - ISUPPORT / RAW 005 parsing is now possible. There is still work 
to be done in the future to automatically integrate some of these values 
into how Eggdrop interacts with the server, but for now they are 
available for you to use via the Tcl interface

These additions mean extra config file settings to use them, so while 
your old config file will still work, you may want to consider using the 
new eggdrop.conf included with this release, or at least comparing files 
to see the new changes.

If you were worried, fear not- Tcl scripts written for v1.6 and v1.8 
should still function with the v1.9 series of Eggdrop.

We also want to make sure we thank our unofficial test force/guinea pigs 
Lord255, PeGaSuS, and WildCraze- they were instrumental in helping us 
test new features, identify bugs, and by providing feedback on general 
approaches. Thank you! (Want to help out? Ask in #eggdrop on Freenode!)

See the NEWS file for a rough overview of what changed, potential 
incompatibilities and upgrade instructions. Or doc/Changes1.8 for a full 
list of changes.

This is a RELEASE CANDIDATE, so we highly appreciate any testing and bug 
reporting we can get. You can expect a follow-up release candidate if 
necessary soon, or the final release of this version.

Please report bugs by visiting us on #eggdrop on the Freenode IRC 
Network or by using

Happy compiling,
Eggheads Development Team

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