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Geo geo at
Wed Feb 22 00:44:20 UTC 2017

Hi all,


                Just wanted to help put the word out that late last year,
Eggdrop was accepted as an official image in the Docker image library. For
those of you that run Docker, you can simply 'docker pull eggdrop' and use
that to create your eggdrop container. We maintain a stable 1.8.0 image
version, along with a develop image version that is kept fairly in synch
with the development branch of eggdrop- that means no more needing to
recompile every update, just pull the latest image!


We're very excited about the image's popularity so far- in just these few
short months, we're less than 100 downloads away from reaching 100,000 total
pulls! For more information on how to use the container (or to submit
improvements!) you can visit . And, if you
like it, please don't forget to give it a star! If you have any questions,
don't hesitate to drop in to #eggdrop on Freenode to discuss. Thanks!




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