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Jonathan Rudolph simple at
Sun Dec 4 21:02:00 UTC 2016

Greetings, Eggheads!

It looks like the Eggdrop community is getting an early (or perhaps very,
very late) Christmas present- we are proud to announce the stable release
of Eggdrop 1.8.0! It has taken years of hard work, and we can't express how
much we appreciate your patience with us as we worked to shape this into a
stable and functional product.

Among literally hundreds of smaller fixes, the biggest changes are SSL and
IPv6 support. These additions mean extra config file settings to use them,
so while your old config file will still work, you may want to consider
using the new eggdrop.conf included with this release.

Speaking of the config file, we've also brought back an old feature-
eggdrop-basic.conf. This file is a simplified version of the standard
eggdrop.conf targeted towards new users to make the first run a little less
daunting. While this file is good for a quick start, we still strongly
recommend you use the full eggdrop.conf to take advantage of all the
features of Eggdrop.

If you were worried, fear not- TCL scripts written for v1.6 should still
function with the v1.8 series of Eggdrop. While the core functionality of
most 3rd party modules should still work, many are hard-coded to only run
on a v1.6 Eggdrop. We have assembled a variety of popular third-party
modules at and edited them
to remove this restriction, thus allowing them to function with v1.8.

Once again, we can't express how happy we are to have reached this
milestone, and look forward to 1.8.1 in the (hopefully) not-too-distant
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