Eggheads: Bot not getting "op" status

Shibashish shib4u at
Mon Dec 3 07:55:32 CST 2012


My bot is not able to get the op status. This was working earlier, but
after a restart of the services, this stopped working. I'm not even able to
update the chatroom topic, and gives me the error...

I'm not a channel op or halfop on #MyRoom and the channel is +t

part of eggdrop.conf....

loadmodule server
set net-type 0
set nick "OurBot"
set altnick "MyBot"
set realname "/msg MyBot hello"
bind evnt - init-server evnt:init_server

proc evnt:init_server {type} {
  global botnick
  putquick "MODE $botnick +i-ws"

Can you please guide me relevant places to check?

Running eggdrop v1.6.19, on Linux

while ( ! ( succeed = try() ) );
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