Eggheads: Weird Behavior . commands not working

Support Admin support at
Tue Sep 27 19:58:31 CST 2011

I am running 1.6.20 installed on a box with RedHat EL kernel 
2.6.9-101.ELsmp and cPanel to manage clients.  For some reason when I 
am in mIRC on the Internet, I can get a connection with my bot.  (It 
asks for my PW and then gives me the welcome message.)  However it 
will not respond to ANY '.'commands at all.  Eventually it times out 
and drops connection.  Any idea what it is that would cause this?  It 
may well be that it is a DFU type error.  The doc has me on some 
pretty decent pain killers right about now! 

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