Eggheads: Eggdrop 1.6.21 Release Candidate 1

Jonathan Rudolph simple at
Mon Oct 3 20:25:42 CST 2011

We've pre-released 1.6.21. See the official post here:

1.6.21 will be the last 1.6 release of Eggdrop, unless we have a really
compelling reason to do so.

Our main focus after the final release will be on 1.8, which is coming along
nicely!  You can find the 1.8 source at

Also, we haven't officially announced anything about this before, but we are
using a new bug/ticket system called Trac. You can find it at

Please try the release candidate code. If you don't, you will be attacked by
rabid badgers, wombats, and will be Rickrolled. You have been warned!

Undernet #eggdrop
simple at
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