Eggheads: eggdrop , tcl and AUTOTOPIC !?

Ralf Moeller ralf.moeller at
Tue Jul 20 00:47:17 CST 2010

Le 19/07/2010 16:32, Ralf Moeller a ?crit :

> >  when I enter 4 IRC-channels at my own unreal IRCd with autoop
> >  enabled, it only ops me on 2 channels, why is that so ?
>  Peharps a misconfiguration for the 2 others channels, try compare
>  .chaninfo (in party-line) to see if there are differences.

the config is stored in botnahme.chan file and all 4 entries are exactly the
same expecting the channel name

=Topic changing I'll try today evening...

>  The most common problem I've seen with autoop not working on some channels
>  (while working on others) is that you added the other 2 channels from the
>  DCC Chat line while the first two were configured in the .conf file (most
>  likely before you even started the bot the first time).

yep, first I generated them in .conf file, but as it did not autojoin,
I tried to setup it with dcc, which works only until the next restart.
even with ".save" after all.
then I setted it up by the channel config file, that works, but autoop,
currently only on 1 channel, on all other 3 channels the bot joins,
but when I try to OP myself with ".OP agentc #channel" by dcc-chat,
then the bot tells me, that he isnt on that channel currently .. !?!?

what went wrong? something in config ?

kind regards,
ralf moeller

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