Eggheads: eggdrop , tcl and AUTOTOPIC !?

CrazyCat crazycat at
Mon Jul 19 08:46:14 CST 2010

Hello Ralf,

Le 19/07/2010 16:32, Ralf Moeller a écrit :
> when I enter 4 IRC-channels at my own unreal IRCd with autoop
> enabled, it only ops me on 2 channels, why is that so ?

Peharps a misconfiguration for the 2 others channels, try compare 
.chaninfo (in party-line) to see if there are differences.

> what I have to do to make eggdrop change the topic on logging
> to the servers channels automaticly to a default value ?
> I saw that kind of eventhandling "bind ........"
> but how to do that? I didnt found any bind-event for bot-joining
> on a auto-channel ... !?

There is a global join bind witch matches when anyone joins a channel, 
even if it's the eggdrop himself.
So you can do:
bind join - "#channel" join:topic
proc join:topic { nick uhost handle chan } {
    if { $nick == $::botnick } {
       # $::botnick is the eggdrop nick, so the bot just join
       putserv "TOPIC $chan :Your default topic"

You can have a lot of explanation on (especially 
on the user forum) or on if you are french spoken :)


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