Eggheads: eggdrop , tcl and AUTOTOPIC !?

Ralf Moeller ralf.moeller at
Mon Jul 19 08:32:39 CST 2010


I normally coding in C/C++ and had never to do with tcl,
I like that eggdrop machine, I would like to get it working,
but I do not understand the language and the API correctly.

when I enter 4 IRC-channels at my own unreal IRCd with autoop
enabled, it only ops me on 2 channels, why is that so ?

what I have to do to make eggdrop change the topic on logging
to the servers channels automaticly to a default value ?
I saw that kind of eventhandling "bind ........"
but how to do that? I didnt found any bind-event for bot-joining
on a auto-channel ... !?

hm, sorry, this my first expierence with eggdrop :)

would you give me a hint ?

kind regards,
ralf moeller

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