Eggheads: Problem wih debian [Eggheads Digest, Vol 44, Issue 2]

Rumen Stoyanov pseudo at
Tue Nov 24 13:22:36 CST 2009

On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 09:04:28 -0200, "Andre L.Conti" <atiiss at>
> I'm not complaining about google.
> I was complaining about "do not try here, in mailing list".
> Sorry, for me, mailing list is for every one, from noobs at experts.
> Like a programmer since 1983. MASM, BASIC*, dbase, c, shell, tcl/tk and,
> today, perl/sh/cgi for all my life i wrote open sources before of the
> existence this term.
> Just a help, it's very important, help means learn and not something
> so, help is not a "search there".
> I write tcl/tk and wrote tcls for eggdrop a lot. For anyone, just to
> him/her. Maybe this let me upset.
The purpose of the list is clear and doesn't leave place for complaints,
but you're free to have your personal views.
I've also helped people but this is not a reason to demand others do like
me. It's personal choice.

> So. That bug happened in some version of mandriva, with tcl8.4.11.
What makes you think this is the same bug? Two people both called John Doe
aren't necessary the same person and two bugs with similar symptoms aren't
necessarily the same bug.

> Sorry, again. I don't will reply anymore, i just will read and change my
> eyes to forum and wiki.

You're welcome to use all our resources for their respective purposes as
long as you follow the relevant rules.

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