Eggheads: Problem wih debian [Eggheads Digest, Vol 44, Issue 1]

plazmus pseudo at
Sat Nov 21 15:55:27 CST 2009

On Sat, 21 Nov 2009 18:56:22 -0200, "Andre L.Conti" <atiiss at>
> Only now i see about, topic 15805, posted here by
> Taz_devil.
> Well. This problem or bug occur with tcl8.4, too, so, changing the DNS
> server fixed my problem.

The problem you're describing has been related to dns resolution failures
which would certainly prevent it from connecting to irc. The symptoms may
look similar, but the issue now is different. Look at the
URL I posted, if you're interested:

> But, now... For what this mailing list is worth?
> A guy ask sometinhg and:
> * See google
> * this list is not for questions about this
> * see it
> * see that
> * not here
> * try there...
> So, for what this mailing list exist?

The purpose of the mailing list is clearly described on it's info page:
"This list is intended for discussion about all aspects of Eggdrop
(current versions only please). It is intended for users who know what
are doing but we will tolerate newbie questions to a certain extent."

> 1 email per month, a remembering.
> If i have a doubt about eggdrop and i has a patience to subscribe here,
> was because is the first way.
> Another people maybe digest this and learn too. Or not?
> If not, put a link in website->This mailling list is a joke. Don't
> subscribe, try google!
> geez.......
> --
May I repeat again: this is a discussion list. Despite of this we already
helped the guy, as we always try to do.
I don't understand what's so offensive in suggesting somebody to use
Google sometimes.. What are you complaining about?

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