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I'm new on the mailing list, and i write you because i don't know what to do.

I have a eggdrop bot running on my channel and they log activities on a file.
If they have nobody during one day, only one line was writed on the file :
[00:00] --- Mon May  4 2009

The file name was  like this :

#SoEz.log.20090416  #SoEz.log.20090424  #SoEz.log.20090430  #SoEz.log.20090505
#SoEz.log.20090417  #SoEz.log.20090426  #SoEz.log.20090501  #SoEz.log.20090506
#SoEz.log.20090420  #SoEz.log.20090427  #SoEz.log.20090502
#SoEz.log.20090421  #SoEz.log.20090428  #SoEz.log.20090503
#SoEz.log.20090422  #SoEz.log.20090429  #SoEz.log.20090504

My last visite on the chan was on 2009 04 20, and nobody since this date.
And the last visite for Invite_52 was on 2009 04 24

(I'm currently testing this solution on a empty channel)

The problem was pisg tell me that :
Crupuk    -> last visite : 3 days ago
Invite_52 -> last visite :   Today

Some one know why ?
What can i do to fix this ?

Thanks for your help.

( Sorry for my bad english, i'm a french student, it's not easy for me !! )
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