Eggheads: putloglev issue ?

CrazyCat crazycat at
Tue Dec 29 05:03:46 CST 2009

Hello there,

I've two eggdrops linked and using my chanrelay tcl to relay what is said
on chanA (eggA) to chanB (eggB).
I'm trying to add in the chanB logfile the relayed message, so I've add in
my receive procs:
cr:log p $chan $sentence

the cr:proc is:
proc cr:log { lev chan line } {
   putloglev $lev "$chan" "$line"
   putlog "$chan $line saved"
   return 0

When it is called, nothing is added to my logfile, neither the chanB
message nor the chanA message, but I see in my party-line "#chanA bla bla
saved", so the proc is well called and seems to work.

If I comment the call to cr:log in the different procedures, eggB log well
what is said on chanB.

Any idea ?

Thanks by advance.

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