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Fri Mar 7 12:15:02 CST 2008

Hello all,

First of all, sorry if this answer sounds a bit rude.

>  From: Mark Veenstra <belgie at>
>  Subject: Eggheads: Howto register the Eggdrop's nickname to NickServ?

>  I am trying to find out howto register the bots nickname with NickServ
>  and then ofcourse when login on onto a server howto identify the
>  nickname. Can somebody
>  explain me howto do this?

I suggest you use Google or the forum search feature.
Since a few days you've been asking newb-ish questions for which you
could have found answers easily, as they have been asked many many

The mailing list says:

> It is intended for users who know what they are doing but we will tolerate newbie
> questions to a certain extent.

I honnestly think that this certain extent has been reached since some time.
Really, all your questions are sort of FAQ ones.

The following points apply not only to you but to everyone:

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Posting HTML to mailing lists is considered to be rude. Please use plain text.

Oh, and while I'm on it ; when you reply, please don't quote the full
former mail. Just quote the relevant parts, like I did here. And
please, reply *after* the quote :-)

That's all for now. Sorry again if all of these sounds rude, but
that's how maling lists are to be used, you'll find many sources which
explain the netiquette applied for mailing lists.


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