Eggheads: Can't get Eggdrop up and running, missing some configuration

Mark Veenstra belgie at
Thu Mar 6 08:27:13 CST 2008

I entered only one dot. Think the second dot is added in your client:

minihouse party-line commands:
   .quit             Use this command to leave the party line.
   .whom [channel]   Shows a list of all users on the party line, or on
                     particular channel.
   .whom *           Shows a list of all users, indicating which ones
                     on the party line.
   .chat <channel>   Makes you leave the main partyline channel and join
                     specific channel (valid channels are 1 to 99999,
channel 0
                     is the party line).
   .me <action>      Preform an action to the party line.
   .handle <handle>  Changes your nick on party line.
   .help <command>   Shows more help on a specific command.
See '.help all' for a complete list of commands.
All commands begin with '.', and all else goes to the party line.


Op donderdag 06-03-2008 om 15:19 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Felix

> Mark Veenstra schrieb:
> > ..chanset #minihouse need-key {putquick "JOIN #minihouse wijzijndebaas"}
> > What?  You need '.help'
> Only one .
> Gruß,
> Felix 'kunsi' Kunsmann
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