Eggheads: Can't get Eggdrop up and running, missing some configuration

Mark Veenstra belgie at
Thu Mar 6 05:09:34 CST 2008


Thanks. I edited this and the bot is up and running in one channel. But
I don't see the bot in the channel that is password protected. In the
example configuration I can't find any help about how to add the bot in
a password protected channel. How do I do this?

The second problem I run into is that when I typ '/msg botname hello'
the bot doesn't say anything. It should set me as an owner I thought
when I do this?


Op donderdag 06-03-2008 om 11:51 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Felix

> Hello,
> Mark Veenstra schrieb:
> > [bot at gateway eggdrop]$ ./eggdrop minihouse.conf
> > [11:34] * Please make sure you edit your config file completely.
> This looks like one of the "die"-lines in eggdrop.conf
> Edit your config file carefully, then you'll find those lines.
> Gruß,
> Felix 'kunsi' Kunsmann
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