Eggheads: Eggdrop uptime problem

bigjulius at bigjulius at
Sat Jan 12 04:03:46 CST 2008


   My eggdrop (called SpaceTest) is up for few days but never shows up in .
Version : 1.6.18.
I do have the loadmodule uptime in my conf file .
I monitored dns requests and output traffic of my server :
  - eggdrop's dns requests on are OK
  - every 6 hours my eggdrop send an UDP packet to, port :

I tested an EnergyMech 3.0.2 (called EmechTest ) on the same server and it works
fine. I see it on : 15026  EmechTest  EnergyMech 3.0.2  6

Do you have any idea to find where the problem is?

>From eggdrop.conf :
# Information sent to the server includes the bot's uptime, botnet-nick,
# server, version, and IP address. This information is stored in a temporary
# logfile for debugging purposes only.

It seems keeps received data a few days for debug purpose.
I think that answer could be in these data. Wrong field or anything else.

Could you help me please?

Read you soon ^^


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