Eggheads: * Unable to resolve local host

soraver soraver at
Sun Jul 22 12:10:58 CST 2007

"* Unable to resolve local host"
try with the ip and not the "localhost" word.

about your password, are you sure it doesnt crush and rerun with the -m 
flag? The -m is to be run once in order to create the userfile. Try to 
run the bot with the -nt flags and then try to connect to it. This way 
you will be able to see the error it has :)

Jim Hale wrote:

>Whenever I try to DCC Chat my Bot, I get this error (* Unable to resolve
>local host). I'm running IRC on a local server (here at my house) and
>connecting to IRC from another machine. The bot seems to be running fine
>otherwise (except for not being able to connect via telnet anymore because
>of the password situation.)
>Any points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. :)
>Jim Hale
>The MIDI Trombone BBS -

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