Eggheads: Eggie Won't Take My Password

Jim Hale jhale-ml at
Sun Jul 22 06:45:02 CST 2007

Good Morning!

Having a bit of an issue...

I created my account (via Telnet) - it said I was created and gave me
messages about what to say, etc. When I Telnetted back into the bot later, I
entered my username and it said that I couldn't connect until I created a
password and then dumped me.

Started from scratch and tried it via IRC with the /msg botname hello. Went
thru the motions there and everything seemed fine. The next morning I got
into IRC, the bot said I had 4 messages waiting. When I tried to message the
bot with INDEX, it came back with a Usage line. I tried the other 3 options
and it just does the same thing.

I have the Blowfish module loaded. What did I miss?


Jim Hale
The MIDI Trombone BBS -

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