Eggheads: eggdrop1.6.18 compiling problem

Derek Kuliński takeda at
Sun Sep 10 01:13:39 CST 2006

Hello Joker,

Saturday, September 9, 2006, 3:57:22 PM, you wrote:

> Yes i did, but i found the problem i applyed the 
> eggdrop-1.6.18-ssl.patch since i need that
> to make bot join linknet, was also this patch that caused the prb, 
> the patch seems to work
> fine on linux machine but wont make eggdrop compile on this freebsd 
> one, so i had to downgrade
> to the old 1.6.17 were the ssl patch for it also works fine.

Please. Whenever you have problem and you apply ANY patch please tell
about that in the future.

As for your problem.
Please remember that patches are changes in the source code, every
patch supposed to be written for specific version of program, very
often applying a patch for a wrong version makes parts of the patch
being rejected or applied incorrectly. Therefore new patch should be
released or every version.

You should contact the author of the patch to ask to release new one.

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