Eggheads: Many warnings while compiling

Hielke Hoeve hielke.hoeve at
Sat Nov 11 11:23:10 CST 2006

On 11/11/06, BarkerJr <barkerjr at> wrote:
> The thing to keep in mind is that some warnings are platform
> compatibility issues.  We may need to keep some warnings on some
> platforms just so other platforms don't error.  C isn't as platform
> independent as it's made out to be by the textbooks.

Oh you're right, I wasn't going to just send a patch so everyone uses
that code. Will probably investigate some warnings first and make some
#ifdef statements in the code so not everyone uses the patch as like
you said in some cases it does compile correctly.

C isn't platform independant at all to be honest, some things do work
but the rest doesnt...


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