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Mon May 1 01:20:22 CST 2006

Hello Borek,

Sunday, April 30, 2006, 11:55:41 PM, you wrote:

>>Isn't it also possible to run them in the same folder but use diff
>>cfgs? That's what I do for my bots, though they do not have a link
>>between them. Nor do they share userfiles etc.
>    I think I was not clear about what my problem is. The bots are
> on two different hosts, linked together to keep a single IRCnet
> channel.
>    The problem is, that only three servers are available, let's call them A, B and C.
>    If I configure both to use set A, B and C, then bots will
> eventually wind up connected to the same server and when server goes
> down, they will lose ops.
>    If I configure one to use e.g. A and B and other one to use C,
> then when server C goes down, the other bot is disconnected and
> unable to reconnect.
>    My idea would be, that the bot's would inform each other on
> which server they are and if they are on the same one, one of them
> would do a jump.

This is a little bit complicated (but not impossible) problem to
Unfortunately I don't know any script that does it.

mainserver.tcl from netbots is created to solve similar problem, but
it's not exactly what you want:

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