Eggheads: Eggdrop server connections

Borek Lupomesky borek at
Mon May 1 00:55:41 CST 2006

>On 30/04/06, IRCGNet Administration <ircgnet at> wrote:
>> It sounds to me like you may be using netbots and in that case you will
>> have to seperate each of them in either different folders, or have each
>> use a different netset.tcl.  Obviously each netset.tcl would need to be
>> identical with the exception of the servers they connect to.
>Isn't it also possible to run them in the same folder but use diff
>cfgs? That's what I do for my bots, though they do not have a link
>between them. Nor do they share userfiles etc.

   I think I was not clear about what my problem is. The bots are on two different hosts, linked together to keep a single IRCnet channel.
   The problem is, that only three servers are available, let's call them A, B and C.
   If I configure both to use set A, B and C, then bots will eventually wind up connected to the same server and when server goes down, they will lose ops.
   If I configure one to use e.g. A and B and other one to use C, then when server C goes down, the other bot is disconnected and unable to reconnect.
   My idea would be, that the bot's would inform each other on which server they are and if they are on the same one, one of them would do a jump.


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