Eggheads: Eggdrop's ignorance

Fredrik Löhr nml375 at
Mon Mar 6 11:44:22 CST 2006

Adam Egan wrote:
> Thank you very much Fredrik, that will do nicely! :P Before I
> implement it I will definitely be making sure I have a way of getting
> around it just incase :P (I assume that this bind doesn't not block
> DCC chats, so I'd be ok with that?)
> Adam

Well, it wont block dcc chats..

However, the usual way of establishing a dcc-chat is thru ctcp..
(Or, more correctly, irc clients implementing dcc chat uses ctcp
commands to negotiate the direct-client-connection (dcc), and this would
be blocked)

Telnetting to your bot should remain unaffected tho..

Of course, you could always include some exception-clause in your
function to exclude the DCC ctcp-command, and maybe even the
psuedo-standard CHAT ctcp-command

(A simple way of testing could be to check wether the privmsg starts
with "\001DCC", or test if the whole text-argument starts with
"$botnick :\001DCC"... Probably a few more ways of checking this I suppose)

/Fredrik Löhr
NML_375 at IrcNET

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