Eggheads: Eggdrop's ignorance

Fredrik Löhr nml375 at
Mon Mar 6 08:38:07 CST 2006

Adam Egan wrote:
> But that doesn't stop any in-built eggdrop responses...
> On 05/03/06, Doa <doa at> wrote:
>>yea make a tcl script

It will if you use raw bindings...
VERY easy to lock yourself out from the bot aswell tho...

A script such as this (not completed!), would prevent any msgs
(including channel-talk, ctcp's, etc) from triggering any reactions from
your eggie.. (to customize it, make it return 0 when you want your eggie
to do something further, and return 1 if you don't want it to)

bind raw - "PRIVMSG" myproc

proc myproc {from keyw text} {
#some fancy code here...

#if valid user, do this:
 return 0;
#if not, do this:
 return 1;

Just remember this could block some expected behaviours from your eggie,
proceed at your own risk.

/Fredrik Löhr
NML_375 at IrcNET

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