Eggheads: accepting commands in UTF

CoolCold coolcold at
Fri Mar 3 07:22:08 CST 2006

Hello Eggdrop,

  Someone used eggdrop in UTF environment?
  I'm firing trigger with parameter that is in UTF-8 and has strange
  problem, example:
[15:57:11] <Asian_Papillon> !t С'РчР>РчС"Р?Р?
and what i c in partyline:
[15:57:11] <irobot> [15:58] query is B5;5D>=

As you can see query has 14 characters length, but putlog reported
only 7 characters length string. Looks like eggdrop trancate input
string and  then give it to tcl interpetator.

Have any ideas?
np: Sean Tyas Elements of Trance 028 Party 107 (04-03-06)

Best regards,

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