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Derek Kuliñski takeda at
Wed Jun 28 00:03:09 CST 2006

Hello Ilkka,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006, 2:13:01 AM, you wrote:

>   .status all didn't return anything suspious but while reading its
>   help text I found .debug command. That command required DEBUG_MEM
>   flag to be defined so I recompiled the bot. Output of .debug command
>   revealed that it was misc.c file where this huge memory allocation 
>   was made.

>   After noticing that I changed the code so that for misc.c memory
>   table was printed even the expected and real memory usage
>   matched.

Hmm do you think that change would be beneficial to other eggdrop
users? If so maybe you could submit the path. (I'm not 100% what did
you changed, that's why I'm asking you :)

If it provides more useful info, then perhaps it would be great to
include it.

>  Following line was source of my problems:

>       logs = nrealloc(logs, max_logs * sizeof(log_t));

>   max_logs variable comes directly from configuration file:

>       set max-logs 100000     

wow, 100000 is way more than any user would want this basically means
how many logs (files) the bot will be managing.

>   By lowering this value problem went away. I think that I have
>   misundestood meaning of this variable when first started to use
>   eggdrop. Couldn't it be dynamic and not user settable?

I'm sure it could, I guess it didn't bother many people, for me the
default value was always enough (except one situation, when I set up
one bot to log all of my channels).
The eggdrop is an open source project, developers usually do changes
to the code when they feel it should be changed, or they need specific
Currently the development really slowed down, because apparently
people who're developing the bot feel it's ok for their needs, or they
stopped using it anymore (e.g. no time for irc).

Currently eggdrop needs more active developers to continue growing. So
if you feel you can help I don't think anyone in eggheads will mind.

>   Nice code and very good memory debug features build in, thanks.

A lot of code was cleaned in version 1.9, there is also a bunch of
very neat features, but if things continue to be this way, that branch
might not see a day light :(((

Best regards,
 Derek                            mailto:takeda at

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