Eggheads: Eggdrop memory usage

Borek Lupomesky borek at
Mon Jun 26 09:22:40 CST 2006

>"Borek Lupomesky" <borek at> writes:
>>> 5879 parbot    16   0 83472  73m  748 S  0.0 59.6   0:00.39 eggdrop
>>    This looks strange. My eggdrop used to run on 64 MB RAM machine for years and share it with other services (such as webserver, DHCP server, file server - all in home environment) and I'm sure that it wasn't using this much... currently it uses less than 7 MB RAM.
>   Good to know that it not normal that bot uses that so much
>   memory. I have compiled latest version from sources and it is
>   running in FC4 based system. Config file is many years old and I
>   haven't bothered to edit it much, it just works. Maybe I should
>   continue investigations.

   I am running 1.6.17 on FC3, by the way.


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