Eggheads: 1.6.18 final?

CoolCold coolcold at
Thu Jun 22 16:28:02 CST 2006

Hello Jima,

Thursday, June 22, 2006, 7:18:25 PM, you wrote:

J>   As much as I hate "me too"ing, I've gotta echo James Evans and CoolCold: 
J> Has anyone been experiencing problems with 1.6.18rc1?  I've been running 
J> it on my botnet for two months without a problem.  Seems pretty good to 
J> me.
J>   Many thanks to anyone who put work into how about making it 
J> official? ;)

J>       Jima

I've not used 1.6.18rc1 - I'm not interested in eggdrops and scripting
so much now, cuz i have 3 working bots and working fine for me :)

np: 7. Serial Experiments Lain "Prayer"

Best regards,

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