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Thanks it worked :) Now if I want to do the same thing with 2 files with 
the same extension, I would have to use ftp -i right? What about the 
<remotefile> parameter of the sendftp? Would I have to use 
/home/user/*.html ?

Chris Northwood wrote:

>Add something like
>bind TIME - "?0 *" triggerftp
>proc triggerftp {1 2 3 4 5} {
> sendftp localfile server user pass remotefile
>And this will trigger every 10 minutes.
>Chris 'laser' Northwood.
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>I don't see how that will help me with my request which is sending a 
>specific file on a timed basis. It already contains the ftp protocol. 
>What I'm looking for is how to use bind time in this script.
>Simon Shine wrote:
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>>M. Tolga Özses wrote:
>>| At the address you will see a
>>| TCL script. I want it to FTP some file to my server on a timely 
>>basis. I
>>| tried to use bind time but I couldn't make it. Help me?
>>I would use tcllib's "ftp" package.
>>You might have it on your system, or you might have to download it.
>>package require ftp
>>set fd [::ftp::open $server $user $password]
>>::ftp::type $fd binary
>>::ftp::put $fd $localfile $remotefile
>>| P.S: I tried e-mailing the author, but it bounced back :(
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