Eggheads: Scripting help?

"M. Tolga Özses" mtozses at
Tue Jun 21 06:44:33 CST 2005

At the address you will see a 
TCL script. I want it to FTP some file to my server on a timely basis. I 
tried to use bind time but I couldn't make it. Help me?

P.S: I tried e-mailing the author, but it bounced back :(


Simon Shine wrote:

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> M. Tolga Özses wrote:
> | Can I get scripting help here? Or can you direct me to the appropriate
> | channel/list/whatever?
> I suggest you seek comfort with the #tcl scripting channels on various
> IRC networs. The one on deals a lot with Eggdrop, while
> I can imagine the one on Freenode will like you to ask general questions
> not dealing with Eggdrop in specific.
> I'll answer you if you write here, but it's not entirely on the general
> topic of the mailinglist.
> If you just wrote the question, I bet you would receive less negative
> response than when you *first* write and ask if you can ask a question,
> and *then* proceed to ask it. But maybe that's just me and my reasoning
> on productivity.
> Good luck.
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