Eggheads: About botchk

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Sat Jan 22 04:51:41 CST 2005

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Ronny Vårdal wrote:

> I've had a problem on a given server (, that my bots
> that were crontab'd, did spawn duplicates all the time - despite a
> running bot present.
> Their forum tells me to modify the botnick.botchk file, and supress the
> first line (the #!/bin/sh or whatever), with this one:
> #!/usr/local/bin/bash2
> Now, I don't see the connection between "sh" and "bash2" but then again
> I'm not a linux expert.
> Have anyone else seen this solution? Should the autobotchk script that
> follows eggdrop in that case be updated to handle this?
> The server in question is:
> FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE #11: Wed Jan  5
> 22:35:44 CET 2005 ftpman at i386
> Anything else you would like to know, tell me.

I've seen this problem before, but not in a long time. I remember sending
info on it to Ernst for one of the Eggdrop FAQs a long time ago. The
solution I had at the time was simply to avoid the true Bourne /bin/sh
shell and to use bash instead. I'll look at botchk when I get some free
time and see if I can get it 100% portable.

I also need to do the same for the configure script in 1.6 again and
I'm not looking forward to that task...*looks at Wcc*


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