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Ronny Vårdal ting at
Fri Jan 21 11:27:51 CST 2005

I've had a problem on a given server (, that my bots 
that were crontab'd, did spawn duplicates all the time - despite a 
running bot present.

Their forum tells me to modify the botnick.botchk file, and supress the 
first line (the #!/bin/sh or whatever), with this one:

Now, I don't see the connection between "sh" and "bash2" but then again 
I'm not a linux expert.

Have anyone else seen this solution? Should the autobotchk script that 
follows eggdrop in that case be updated to handle this?

The server in question is:
FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE FreeBSD 5.3-STABLE #11: Wed Jan  5 
22:35:44 CET 2005 ftpman at i386

Anything else you would like to know, tell me.


Ronny Vårdal

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