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Thu Jan 6 17:12:16 CST 2005

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>1..chanset flood-chan

Install and use the Sentinel add-on script, it covers banning flooders, and
many other useful bits (get it from

>2. hostmask fix

Write a small script that interacts with the bots.. I use one myself to
'control' it to an extent, and you can then use mIRC's $address($$1,3) or
$address($$1,2) to change the host mask used in adding or banning someone.

If you want an example script, LMK and I'll forward you mine.

My suggestion though is this...

Ability to set bans differently to the ban in the bot..  For example..

I want to ban a user (for flooding say)..  I can ban on the nick, the ident,
the host, or any combination of the 3.  However the ban is only enforced
according to what I set..  If I set a ban on the nick it'll only ban on the
nick, if I set on the ident, it'll only ban on the ident.  etc...

What I would like to see, is the ability to set a ban on a nick (or ident),
and have the bots do a class 2 ban (*!*@host), or class 3 ban
(*!*ident@*.host) when that nick (or ident) enters the channel the nick (or
ident) is banned in, instead of having to specify multiple Class 2/3 bans..

I hope that was clear enough to get across what I mean.
Paul Hilling

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