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Simon Kain coolsi at
Thu Jan 6 12:56:30 CST 2005


1. I quite like this idea.

2. The trouble is with this is that an eggdrop would have to be written 
to do this to every IRC network. Far easier is to write a TCL ban script 
which can do this, then you can have it set up to match 
* etc.

3. Using an authnick to identify users isn't as secure as using 
hostmasks - if someone finds out a user's auth password and auths to 
their account, then they can gain access to the eggdrop. Using a 
hostmask, only someone using their connection can access the eggdrop.

- Simon Kain
coolsi at

aIwa-is-k3wl at wrote:
> hi
> i am new in eggdrop discussion list. i want to make a suggestion:
> i am using Quakenet and Undernet. For a further version of eggdrop i 
> wish some new features:
> 1..chanset flood-chan
> I can change there much things, but i think it`s very bad that the bot 
> only kick`s them and not ban them. I think it will be useful if you add 
> a banflooders option.
> 2. hostmask fix
> the standard hostmask of eggdrop ( new user add, ban user) is 
> *!ident@* <mailto:*!ident@*>. for dynamic ip`s that is 
> good, but on Quake/Undernet much people use static hosts and this 
> hostmask is unefficient.
> Suggestion, mask for bnc`s
> host Head! 
> <mailto:Head!Headd at>Headd at 
> <mailto:Head!Headd at> good: ban/addhost *! 
> <mailto:*!Headd at>Headd at 
> <mailto:*!Headd at> and not 
> *!Headd@* <mailto:*!Headd@*>.
> Fakehosts. (a user can register in this network and set usermode +x). 
> Example: tom!tommy at 
> <mailto:tom!tommy at>. Ban/Addmask actual: 
> *!thommy@* <mailto:*!thommy@*>. 
> Please change to *!* 
> <mailto:*!*>
> 3. support for Q/X-Bot accounts
> Until today, a eggdop will know users only by their host and their 
> password. For example: on Quake/Undernet you can register. /whois nickname
> example:
> aymaNt is ~Brqmz at 
> <mailto:~Brqmz at> * Brqmz
> aymaNt on #e.effect #Creqtive 
> #seekgood
> aymaNt using * QuakeNet IRC Server
> aymaNt is authed as couillunette
> aymaNt has been idle 17secs, signed on Thu Jan 06 18:05:30
> aymaNt End of /WHOIS list.
> His authnick (registred) wille be "couillunette". This nick can be get 
> with /who or /whois. I never found a working tclscript/patch which will 
> allow to add a user in the userlist with his authnick, instand of his host.
> I think it will be much better on such a network to add them with the 
> authnick instand of their host. Their authnick can be always the same, 
> it`s uniqe and their is not way to fake/steal it if them user their head.
> That are 3 things i wish for next versions. Thx for reading this and 
> sorry for my english.
> best regards
> aIwa

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