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i am new in eggdrop discussion list. i want to make a suggestion:

i am using Quakenet and Undernet. For a further version of eggdrop i wish some new features:

1..chanset flood-chan
I can change there much things, but i think it`s very bad that the bot only kick`s them and not ban them. I think it will be useful if you add a banflooders option.

2. hostmask fix
the standard hostmask of eggdrop ( new user add, ban user) is *!ident@* for dynamic ip`s that is good, but on Quake/Undernet much people use static hosts and this hostmask is unefficient.

Suggestion, mask for bnc`s
host Head!Headd at good: ban/addhost *!Headd at and not *!Headd@*

Fakehosts. (a user can register in this network and set usermode +x). Example: tom!tommy at Ban/Addmask actual: *!thommy@* Please change to *!*

3. support for Q/X-Bot accounts
Until today, a eggdop will know users only by their host and their password. For example: on Quake/Undernet you can register. /whois nickname

aymaNt is ~Brqmz at * Brqmz
aymaNt on #e.effect #Creqtive #seekgood 
aymaNt using * QuakeNet IRC Server
aymaNt is authed as couillunette
aymaNt has been idle 17secs, signed on Thu Jan 06 18:05:30
aymaNt End of /WHOIS list.

His authnick (registred) wille be "couillunette". This nick can be get with /who or /whois. I never found a working tclscript/patch which will allow to add a user in the userlist with his authnick, instand of his host.
I think it will be much better on such a network to add them with the authnick instand of their host. Their authnick can be always the same, it`s uniqe and their is not way to fake/steal it if them user their head.

That are 3 things i wish for next versions. Thx for reading this and sorry for my english.
best regards
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