Eggheads: Re: telnet bindings...

TsT eggies at
Mon Sep 27 08:08:59 CST 2004

Sergey Pavlov wrote:

>     set my-ip ""
>     listen 5656 bots
>     listen 34584 users
>[17:14] Listening at telnet port 5657 (bots).
>[17:14] Listening at telnet port 6566 (users).
>nek at anarxi:~/eggdrop$ telnet 6565
>cnek at anarxi:~/eggdrop$ telnet 6565
if you set in your config file "listen 4500 ..." eggdrop will try too 
open listen on port 4500, if it's failed it try to open on 4501...
So if another bot already use your 6565 port... eggdrop may open listen 
on 6566.

try on shell account:
netstat -ln |grep 656? <- list the listen open on your server.

grep listen your-eggdrop.conf <- check if you have good listen

see on your process list if you dont have duplicate eggdrop running...

or in partyline (via dcc?):

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