Eggheads: Weird problems connecting to server

Philip Richardson ppslim at
Thu Sep 23 04:17:27 CST 2004

Hello Tom,

Thursday, September 23, 2004, 10:54:46 AM, you wrote:

TS> Hi Darius, Daniel,
>> That is really weird...
>> What's even more weird is that whatever is after minus is what server
>> said, so server belives you're connecting from
>> Are you running IRCd on your freebsd, or are you connecting through
>> some proxy?
>> Please change setting raw-log to 1 i.e.:
>> set raw-log 1
>> Then when you connect to bot write:
>> console +rv
>> And tell us what do you see

TS> I believe the IRCD does that to mask it's IP, on ratbox, anyway. I see that
TS> sometimes,
TS> or 255.255.255...
TS> Look in the config for "connect-timeout" and try raising that. I think I set
TS> mine to 30 just
TS> for that reason.

TS> Tom 

  The IP shown there is the IP of the client connection, and not
  server side. is used in most IRCDs for IP and "USER" level errors
  and rejections. Before the K-line list is checked and the USER is
  properly registered.

  As the IP is given (albeit local IP), is suggests an error further
  into registration.

Best regards,
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