Eggheads: Weird problems connecting to server

Tom Sutterfield tsutterfield at
Thu Sep 23 03:54:46 CST 2004

Hi Darius, Daniel,

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> Hello Daniel,
> Wednesday, September 22, 2004, 7:17:08 PM, you wrote:
> [...]
>> [22:10] -ERROR from server- Closing Link:
>> (Connection timed out)
>> I just think this is extremely odd because I can connect to
>> the same servers that the eggdrop is timing out on using a normal IRC 
>> client
>> such as Epic. Does anybody know any setting in the configuration file
>> that could be causing these timeouts? Should it be saying Closing Link:
>> This problem has been giving me some grief for a while, and I 
>> #8217;m
>> running out of hair to pull out. Any hints or words of encouragement
>> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
> That is really weird...
> What's even more weird is that whatever is after minus is what server
> said, so server belives you're connecting from
> Are you running IRCd on your freebsd, or are you connecting through
> some proxy?
> Please change setting raw-log to 1 i.e.:
> set raw-log 1
> Then when you connect to bot write:
> console +rv
> And tell us what do you see

I believe the IRCD does that to mask it's IP, on ratbox, anyway. I see that 
or 255.255.255...
Look in the config for "connect-timeout" and try raising that. I think I set 
mine to 30 just
for that reason.


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