Eggheads: About sentinel and mc.irc_services

Ronny Vårdal ting at
Tue Sep 14 04:49:49 CST 2004

Hi, I'm using sentinel.tcl as it follows the 1.6.17 bot. And I'm using MC.Irc_Services v1.2.2.

At somepoint I've probably (I think I can recall it) done this:

.chanset * stopnethack-mode 0

As this was the issue of my last email to this list.
Now I have a slightly different problem, that I'm not sure of...

12:24:10 <stress> [12:23] IRC Services: Login verified, finding usable nick.
12:24:23 <stress> [12:23] -X (cservice at INVISIBLE(usynlig) er nå ON(på).
12:24:25 <stress> [12:23] IRC Services: Usable nick found, proceeding with join of channels.
12:24:25 <stress> [12:23] * IRC NICK CHANGE: abusing -> stress
12:24:31 <stress> [12:23] Tcl error [sl_nkflood]: illegal channel: *
12:24:31 <stress> [12:23] Regained nickname 'stress'.
12:24:33 <stress> [12:23] stress joined #askvoll.
12:24:33 <stress> [12:23] #askvoll: mode change '+o stress' by X!cservice at

See that TCL Error for sentinel? Not sure if it has to do with mc.irc_services, but that helps triggering the error. I think it's more related to the .chanset * setting I did. Such shouldn't happen? Can someone reproduce this sl_nkflood error? By .chanset * something, and then try to change the nick of the bot in some way without further rehash and stuff?

Med vennlig hilsen / With regards

Ronny Vårdal
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