Eggheads: requesting functions to be exported and other things

winkey rush at
Wed Oct 27 20:20:07 CST 2004

None of these functions are available in eggdrop1.6, they have to exist
before they can be exported. however if you need these functions, write
them. and a hint on the flags, if the humans never see them just use
there integer values, &, |, and ^ do wonders with ints. check out

you can use the memberlist pointers, but don't store them anyplace for
any time, if the person parts the memory will be free()ed and your still
have that pointer to that memory laying around

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 04:37, panter at wrote:
> Hello,
> i want some functions to be exported to be visible in modules.
> For my botnetop like module i need:
>  void set_key(struct chanset_t *chan, char *k);
> A get_key function would be nice too (i know chan->channel.key).
>  int handlematchattr(char *handle, char *flags, char *chan);
>  int usermatchattr(struct userrec *u, char *flags, char *chan):
> functions to get or set an udef(channel setting).
>  int getudefstr (char *setting, int *value, int len, struct chanset_t
> *chan);
>  int getudefint (char *setting, int *value, struct chanset_t *chan);
>  int setudefint (char *setting, int value, struct chanset_t *chan);
>  int setudefstr (char *setting, char *value, struct chanset_t *chan);
> could write these functions by myself but udef isnt known in modules.
> A bind that tells if a user gets added to thet bot.
> I have an extra questions. i made a noclones module that kickbans clones on
> join. it is using pointers to the nick and hostname of the memberlist entry.
> is that okay?
> --
> Pan

winkey <rush at>

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